In order for me to reach a sophisticated crowd my intelligence level and qualifications must collectively interact with someone else wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so help me help the world with this self-motivation that could one day help uplift all nations, citizens of the world aren’t we tired of killing our own people by having wars because no matter where we’re from or who we praise, the fact of being here separate because of greed, and different religious beliefs that in itself should be the reason that the words common sense come into play what reasons would we have to fight then when we could build even greater empires together then everyone could survive we could sit down and have discussions about anything concerning this unknown place we live better known as earth the only thing that would separate us then is  the fact that we all look just a little bit different and that should not be too much of a problem that we could not easily adjust to. what I wish for if you knew what I was wishing then you could understand that in order for us to keep peace that we must first learn to seek peace with knowing that peace within reveals itself.