1. A chance to control your destiny. At a 9-to-5 job, your boss can decide to hire or fire you at will; how you spend your hours daily are decided for you. Also, what happens in those eight hours affects your life in general. You have little to no control and at the end of the week, they hand you a paycheck that hardly makes ends meet. What you earn is too valuable to leave in the hands of others. 2. Spend your time wisely. Entrepreneurship enables you to make better use of your time. You can decide not to work on any given day to spend time with your family. Your job doesn’t give you that kind of flexibility. Work should fit into your life, not vice versa. Family comes first. 3. Your earning potential is limitless. Your job decides your earning potential. Raises and promotions are exceptions, not the rule. It’s possible that you could earn nothing at all in your business, but those who become entrepreneurs are self-motivated to build a lucrative business. Those who take on entrepreneurship aren’t happy with the norm and continue to develop their business. Furthermore, entrepreneurship doesn’t have any gatekeepers to keep your earnings regulated. 4. Location independence. Having your own business gives you the ability to create a vehicle that supports you wherever you are in the world. More than 2.5 billion people use the internet daily. This means that you could have a great client base and build an online business that is an entirely location-independent. This gives you freedom to be where you want to be. 5. Create a lasting legacy. When your dream business is built, it can be passed down to your kids and grandkids. It all starts as a search for freedom, and it ends as something that’s in your family for generations to come. If your business were started from something you’re passionate about, it would undoubtedly impact your family’s lives for generations. Your children will have something to be proud of. This is a time when we can use the Internet and technology to create the business life that we love. It won’t be easy. It will take time, but it is very possible. If you are seriously thinking about making that huge leap, make sure you are ready. Don’t allow your dream to be turned into your worst nightmare. Make sure you have an emergency plan, just in case things go downhill. Have a clear strategy for your business and be sure to plan for the increase. Don’t get started until you fully understand what entrepreneurship requires. It requires focus and dedication, among other attributes that you will discover and develop on your journey to freedom and success. You can do any and everything once you put your mind to it. Keywords * entrepreneurship, finacial freedom, Business management, success, Making money online, residual income

A Brief Biography of Thaddeus Winters




In order for me to reach a sophisticated crowd my intelligence level and qualifications must collectively interact with someone else wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so help me help the world with this self-motivation that could one day help uplift all nations,


citizens of the world aren’t we tired of killing our own people by having wars because no matter where we’re from or who we praise, the fact of being here separate because of greed, and different religious beliefs that in itself should be the reason that the words common sense come into play what reasons would we have to fight then when we could build even greater empires together then everyone could survive we could sit down and have discussions about anything concerning this unknown place we live better known as earth the only thing that would separate us then is  the fact that we all look just a little bit different and that should not be too much of a problem that we could not easily adjust to. what I wish for if you knew what I was wishing then you could understand that in order for us to keep peace that we must first learn to seek peace with knowing that peace within reveals itself.

Thaddeus Winters



Rethink Reality

Who Am I?

          Hello readers. Let me introduce myself. My name is Thaddeus Winters. I am a young unknown author from a small town down south called Yazoo City. I was raised by my mom Debra Winters who’s single parent but raised myself and my other three siblings to the best of her ability. I started my education at WoolfortElementary, I later proceeded to Yazoo City Junior High and then after graduated from Yazoo City High School. Currently I am focusing more on my books and the raising of my beautiful baby girl Ixana Winters.Throughout the years I have developed many talents or what you may call gifts. I am a song writer, poet, author, producer, CEO, engineer, vocalist, and song artist. My hobbies are writing books, poetry, and music. I am the father of I’xana Winters whom is the primary inspiration to my life. I enjoy all types of creativity, and never really had any interest in television and video gaming, and if I did play a game it would have to be a type of sports game like Madden or NBA 2K.


Where I Been and Where I’m from

            I am originally from Jackson Mississippi, because my family migrated from Chicago, Illinois to Yazoo City, Mississippi. Here I have continued my education and devoted most of my time to construct ways to help humanity stand up and see through the veil that covers their eyes.

          You may not believe me when I say this but I have not always pursued writing. It came in a sudden burst of inspiration that overtook my body. I felt that I had to write so I grabbed a pin and began. Sentence by sentence word by word I started to understand a truth much deeper than the modern day wisdom of our scholars. It was like a million words that make up books and could be categorized into encyclopedia’s had dawned on me. I was awake.



My Reason for Writing

          The world that we live in today has become corrupt, and I believe that there is a need for a change in the world that we live in today. I look around and I see the youth. The youth have become lost because we are all lost. We have forgotten how to be human. Can you remember a day that we all shared? Then we had peace. Everyone shared and families lived together for generations, but now it seems that humanity thinks than every man is for his self, but truthfully we are all united. We are linked subconsciously like a Wi-Fi network, but all of the lies and corruption have caused us all to forget. My reason for writing is to help humanity remember, he who is without the ability to unravel God intent for humanity.





Quote: Take a journey through the wilderness. There may be storms and obstacles, but on the other side awaits blessings and the grace of our creator. Remember patience is a virtue.

Thaddeus Winters


My Inspiration

            He would have the ability to express the truth for the betterment of mankind is fueled by unconditional love. Everyone has that someone or something that inspires them to follow their hearts and chase their dream. My daughter inspires me daily along with my loving mom, brothers, friends, and sibling supporting me daily. I am also inspired because I wish to see a day full of people expressing and show unconditional love.


The We Are Making A Difference In All Cultures Foundation









Reason to Inspire Change

          Many of us as individuals take life for granted. As human we have the right to live happily and fearlessly with no aspects of control. One of the truths that we has human has forgotten is the grace of free will. No one should interfere with the life choices of another individual because we were all born learn, understand, and search for perfection.

          There are many lies and subliminal programming taking place with every tic of a clock. Specific, we were also taught various parts of the truth in reverse. Just take the time and think about it. Why should people suffer if there are enough resources here for all of humanity to live life without worry? In my opinion, the problem is money. We all try to profit from others and their expense. I believe a society without money will lead to peace. The reason that there is so much crime within our world is because of the fear of not being able


to provide the needs and wants of others and self. Many people will heartlessly see a homeless person starving and simply walk pass without a second thought. As human beings I believe we are here to help one another and as a society we should seek the divine wisdom that cannot be seen with the physical eyes. As a writer I feel that I could help many understand themselves because one can’t love another until he/she love his/herself and the same principals follow forgiveness.


The Truth Revisited

            Let’s revisit some of the declared truths that we are taught as a child. One, we are told that the bible is the only book that possess truth, but how could we just simply say that religion that follow Christ is true. Think! There are hundreds of religious groups. The bible also conflict with itself. For example, jealousy is supposedly one of the worst type of sins, but, and here is the controversy, our God is a jealous God. We have to awake up and regain control of our cultures because we think that it is fine to destroy all of earth’s natural gifts (nature, pollute wide mass of water, corrupt the weather, geo-engineer food, etc.) and place manmade building there that also add to the pollution of our world.







Most children see themselves as adults in the mirror.


Virtual Self-help

            Virtual Self-help in my eyes is an escape plan that counteracts the panic that we all endure daily. Self-help also known as self-improvement has been the base of my foundation since the beginning. It is a basically a self-guided improvement to one’s self. Many individual who take this path get lead astray because of the repetition that we all endure throughout our life. To be more specific, self-help whether virtual or physical, is a psychological basis that often leads individuals to seek improvement whether economically, intellectually, or emotionally.

          My books have what I call a Panic to Freedom design which is inspired by Jordan David. This format was initially designed to mentally reprogram the minds of humanity by allowing us all to edit our life from a different point of view. This process allows the individual to edit his/or thinking process. For example, the future


does not exist so let’s just call it a movie scene or story. Many of us would mentally create stories when things aren’t presented to our liking and these negative thoughts do manifest into our reality. Look at this scenario, you let you brother use your call to got to the store. Two hours pass and then three hours pass. The average person would mentally create this scene in their head. The person may say, “He said he was going to the store, but that don’t take all this time. He/she is just joy riding and running my gas out.”

          The Panic to Freedom process gives the reader, as he/she listen to the reality of the place in life that is presented in life such as the fall of mankind. Although these methods are the first of their kind, we must all realize and understand that we all at some point in our reality develop foolish thoughts because we believe in this curse called sin. Remember the saying, “I think therefore I am.”

Every Known Situation by Thaddeus Winters

Every Known Situation by Thaddeus Winters

http://www.amazon.com/dp/BOOCGENXOC/    thaddeuswinters

This book of knowledge was designed to help he who is without the ability to unravel God’s intent for humanity, by teaching the importance of replacing foolish thoughts, a practice that was ordained in God’s will.